5 Stand


You will enjoy our covered 5 stand setup.  Do not let the weather, rain or sun, bother you at Cross Creek.  This is a great place for practice or fun.


NSCA 5-STAND Sporting events consist of targets shot in 25 bird increments from five shooting stands with each shooter rotating from station to station. The game offers several different skill lev­els and utilizes six or eight automatic traps to simulate game birds. Targets are released in a predetermined set sequence marked on a menu card in front of each shooting cage. Targets are registered separately under a special set of rules; however, they utilize the NSCA Classification system and all targets are included for total targets shot for the year. NSCA 5-STAND Sporting rules must be followed at all times while conducting this event.

  1. Gun must be open and empty while changing stands.
  2. Shooters may not leave their station until instructed to do so by the referee or until the last shooter has fired his/her last shot.
  3. May only load gun while in shooting stand in ready position.
  4. Shooter’s feet must be behind the front opening of the shoot­ing stand except when changing stands. Shooters will be warned, a NO-BIRD will be called, continued disregard will result in losing a target or being disqualified.
  5. No chokes may be changed after the round has begun. Fail­ure to comply will result in loss of all targets attempted (in that round) after choke changed.
  6. Target sequence menu cards must be posted.