A. Preston

Cross Creek Clays is a wonderful new facility located in Palmyra, TN. The club house is absolutely wonderful. Tall ceilings, catering and large event area out back, sports shop, and training room. The 5 stand setup is superb. The range offers three courses: a red, white, and blue course, all in increasing levels of difficulty. The carts are brand new and awesome. Nifty Yamaha’s with lights. Course trails are covered in fine gravel and every station is accompanied by a brilliant covered pagoda with a resting bench and trash receptacle. Most of the stations are in wooded areas. I prefer the trees and foliage. As of 9/15/2018 a round of 100 clays is $40 and a cart rental is $20. For members carts are free and 100 clays costs $35. I will definitely be coming to shoot here for a long time. Can’t wait til they get ramped up and start doing registered NSCA shoots